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Introducing "portRAits" On RylskyArt.com

To my fellow RylskyArt members,

I am very pleased to introduce a very special new series which we call "PortRAits".  This series will present portraits of the beautiful women,  rendered in black and white or monochrome.

I believe there is something very timeless and elegant about a portriat of a young woman in black and white. A beautiful monochrome portrait can make a woman immortal.  Remember the movie "Titanic".  Rose's youthful beauty was captured forever in a picture rendered in charcoal alone.  I invite you to examine these exquisite photographs.  Study the lines and curves of the perfect visages.  I believe you will see the deep heart and soul of the wonderful young women's beauty and personality. 

The first gallery in this very special series will be presented tomorrow.

We hope you will enjoy this series.

Neil (member of RylskyArt)


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Just found this blog suggestion so I thought I'd re-post what I just sent you via e-mail...

EXCELLENT idea! And a great way to recycle older unpublished sets in something the "younger crowd" may not ever have seen or fully appreciate. "Selenium" toning would also look nice.

This kind of presentation also lends itself to selective coloring of just the irises and lips and/or specific pieces of jewelry. THIS is really something nice to see in a site such as yours instead of models continuously being shot with their legs up behind their head or in other various "pretzel-ized" poses.

I started my career shooting Kodak Tri-X 100 & processing in Rodinol or D-67 or alternately, compounding my own from older published formulae from Weston, Adams & such. Still have a "wet" darkroom in my home which i use almost exclusively for B&W work now.

Thanks & keep THIS kind of stuff up!

Arkie/Arkie2/Bill H

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Rylsky, Do you ever photograph a model, with the intention of publishing the photos in monochrome? I mean, do you ever begin the shoot planning to create a set of black and white photos? Would that decision change the way you do the shoot?